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BBS 18" racing rims lips barrels for sale

Current projects



Ferrari F136 V8

Finished projects
Porsche 911T -71

Prototype and small series manufacturing. Restorations of classic cars, replicas, racing or other special work. Previous projects anything from older Volvo, Ferrari, Porsche, USA -cars etc.

Annons Sverige

We have been in business for more than 40 years. Parent company is TME Engineering AB.

Annons Norge

Our own 2.5 ton autotrailer for low cars. (SEK 6.50/km)

Bodywork in steel & fibreglass/composite. Fibreglass body for P1800

Adjustable rotisserie for small & larger bodies.

Chassis & frames in steel & chrome-moly. Fixtures for F40/GTO.

Welding steel, stainless & chrome-moly with modern equipment.

Interiors, paint, engine & transmission.

Spare parts for Ferrari - Maserati - Lamborghini - Porsche - Volvo. New or used.

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Questions call +46-706-223008 (Thomas) or e-mail TME.


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